Melissa Lowe

Third Generation Skydiver, 10,000+ Jumps, AFF Instructor, Pro Rating, Coach Course Examiner, 11 World Records, 4 US National Medals in Freestyle, Creator of VFS, Stunt Woman, BASE jumper, Yogi

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Melissa's Calendar -- check out the goods from Coaching Weekends, Seminars, etc. that range from novice jumpers all the way to getting ready for a World Record!


Giving props to those who make Living the Dream a reality.

Hire Me!

Learn to skydive with Melissa Nelson in her Private AFF Course or continue your education in Freeflying in any level! Melissa is also an aerial stunt woman able to do demonstration jumps to film work.

Credentials & Awards

A random compilation of Melissa in the Media as well as awards.

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